We supported twins Eliška and Johanka

Eliška, Johanka, Míša.

Míša is the mother of two, now 13-year-old girls. From birth, there was no indication that anything was going to go wrong in their lives. You have two healthy twins and you're riding your cloud...

At the age of six months, Míša was left alone with them. You can live with that.
But the first big blow came at the age of four. The girls were diagnosed with autism. That might sound like a nice diagnosis if you're a Rain Man and need to do some math quickly, but it's honestly pretty useless for everything else. In the end, you can live with that too.
But when, at the age of seven, a movement disorder, which is not related to autism, begins to manifest itself, you start to wonder who up there is playing this stupid joke on us?

The result of the genetic examination finally pointed to girdle muscular dystrophy. It's not even funny in American movies anymore, it's not funny anywhere. You can live with it, but few of us can imagine how much strength, nerves, tears, energy and money this costs.
This story affected us at Zkruh so much that we want to support this family, like other "our" families, as much as we can, we want to become part of their universe and at least improve it a little within our possibilities.

Here we specifically help with the payment of rehabilitation, which is necessary to slow down the development of Eliška and Johanka's illness. The energy and strength that radiates from the girls despite all the troubles around them is incredible. We are happy to have...

Text: Marek Dvořák
Photo: Tomáš Škoda

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