We helped Samuel buy special braces

Samuel was born prematurely. He was diagnosed with left-sided spastic diparesis (cerebral palsy) only in a year and a half, thus losing the most valuable period that could have reversed the adversity of his fate. This unpleasant diagnosis is accompanied by musculoskeletal problems and other manifestations related to sight or mental development.

Samuel is a smart boy who intensively rehabilitates in order to break down these speeches as much as possible. For the first time, the circle joined the financing of one of these rehabilitations in the Klimkovice spa. Thanks to intensive rehabilitation, very positive results were achieved, which, however, meant additional demands on care in order to get the most out of them. The Zkruh Endowment Fund helped to purchase quality orthoses from Austria, with which Samuel can rehabilitate much more intensively. Without them, rehabilitation is now almost impossible for Samuel. The orthoses hold his ankles and arches in place.

Samuel attends a regular elementary school with very good results, but so far he shows the most talent for IT technologies.

Photo: Tomáš Škoda

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