We have fund a neurorehabilitation for Toník from Teplice

A month before a birth, Toník stopped growing and no one knew why. He was born with high muscle tension, swollen legs, an urethral cleft, microcephaly, and low weight. After few days, he was diagnosed with arthrogryposis, a syndrome manifested by stiff joints, meaning that he cannot open his mouth properly and eats and hears very poorly.

The first predictions of doctors did not look good. They said Toník would be a lifetime bedridder with a mental disability. However, his parents did not give up and started practicing Vojta's method with him, and thanks to it he is able to walk, play and laugh a lot. He started neurorehabilitation at the age of two and took his first steps right after 2 weeks!

Next year, Toník is expected to have another 3 months of neurorehabilitation. His parents do not give up that Toník will one day be a professional walker. We are glad that we can help them and keep our fingers crossed!

Photo: Tomáš Škoda

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