We contributed to rehab for Tommy

This is Tommy from Olomouc, whom we had the opportunity to help thanks to our Zkruhovec beer.

Tommy was born with the brain disease lisecephaly. The brain disorders associated with this diagnosis are so severe that it is completely self-sufficient and requires intensive all-day care. At the age of 8, he does not speak yet, does not walk alone or get married.

Tommy is dependent on his mother's care and assistance. When he started neurorehabilitation, he learned to sit, crawl, and get to four. Although, according to doctors, he should never have gone, thanks to regular rehabilitation, special therapies and the support of all possible therapists, he learns to be independent and independent.

Tommy is making great progress despite the doctors' unfavorable forecasts. He is learning to keep his balance and last year he even tried his first independent steps. He moves forward, motorized and mentally, and most of all, he enjoys everything.

We have contributed to the family's rehabilitation and we believe that its super progress will continue.

Photo: Tomáš Škoda

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