Zkruhovec vol. 3 is here!

Our cooperation with the Zichovec Brewery has been going on for the third year, which has just finished brewing and put on sale another edition of Zkruhovec beer, from which the proceeds from the sale go to our foundation fund.

In the third iteration of our collaboration, we let one of the older hops of the American craft revolution - Simcoe - shine. Simcoe is the perfect all-purpose hop that lends itself to both bitterness and aroma, creating a very authentic hop character full of resin, citrus and fruity flavors. This nod to the hop profile more typical of a more bitter IPA creates a high drinkability that makes this NEIPA a beer you'll enjoy drinking again.

The label for our first beer Zkruhovec was created two years ago by the duo Ondrash&Kasparek, and last year by the artist Šimon Kučera. For this year, these gentlemen joined forces and ideas and created a breathtaking label, which we are releasing at Zkruhovec in two variants.

Photo: Valentýna Michková

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