Meet Zkruhovec, the very first beer made for Zkruhu fund

It started with one painting, which the co-owner of the Zichovec brewery, Ondra Husák, bought from our founder Ondrash. Later, when he was thinking about how his brewery could help society, he remembered Zkruhu fund and together we came up with the Zkruhovec beer project.

We had 4,000 cans made with a design by Ondrash, which were sold out in a few days. We are pleased that we can now use the total proceeds of 140 000 CZK to run our endowment fund.

Foto: Petr Hricko

Family brewery Zichovec

Pivovar Zichovec

In addition to the remarks of local ancestors, the impulse for the establishment of the Zichovec brewery was also dissatisfaction with the unified taste of industrially produced beers. That is why you can find and also a large number of beer specials next to the well-known regulars in offer. If you enjoy discovering new tastes and trying out their non-traditional combinations, be sure to give the beer from this family brewery a try.




The tattoo artist and painter Ondra Konupčík, better known as Ondrash, is one of the Czech top artists and has become world famous for his characteristic style reminiscent of watercolor paintings. In recent years, in addition to tattoos, he has also devoted himself to painting and is one of the founders of the charity happening Zkruhu, which over time has managed to establish itself in the endowment fund.

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