Try Zkruhovec from Candycane coffee

It was roasted by the guys from Candycane coffee, directly from Kenyan beans. And when we say "fighters", we really mean it, because these guys are very proud of their coffee. They have a reason too, they are masters in their field. And we are proud of them because they roasted this coffee with the most noble intention: they will send the proceeds from its sale to the Zkruh foundation fund. And that's just as good as a coffee bean!

The guys were saving this Kenya for the worse part of the year, because this is Kenya that's so well done!
Cherries are first anaerobically fermented and washed after peeling, which enhances their sweetness and "marmaladeness".

Candycane coffee

Ondra, Jarda, Zdeněk, Honza and Adam, a group of leading Czech experts with vast experience in the coffee world, decided to open a new roastery together in 2017. They focus on selected coffee and can prepare and take care of the coffee program in your cafe and office.


The duo Ondrash&Kašpárek is behind the design of the label.

Photo: Petr Hricko

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