Even one raindrop can make a difference and create a circle on the lake.

Zkruhu was founded in 2010 by a Czech tattoo artist Ondrash. This one of its kind tattoo happening supports handicapped children in coming back to ordinary life.

The name Zkruhu refers to a circle, the most perfect shape on Earth. Circle, closed and harmonic unit. We perceive the circle as a symbol of protection, whether it’s a family circle, circle of our friends or circle of people with the same destiny.

Become a part of a circle and support those, who did'nt choose the pain.

Bank account number for supporting Zkruhu:

IBAN: CZ41 3030 0000 0016 0129 6016

BAN(CZ): 1601296016/3030

Account owner: Petra Hanáčková

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+420 724 830 206

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